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Friday, 16 January 2015

Two kinds of women

Coming soon

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Crazy Girls

I've often heard of that thin line separating love and hate, insanity and sanity and the strange things crazy girlfriends do. Like stab their men in the name of love or chase bitches down with a brick or even show up at their boyfriends workplace and totally air dirty laundry causing embarrassment on all parties involved. It begs to wonder what chemical imbalance is going on inside that girls head for her to be pushed to that extreme to leap over the edge. Good dick, maybe? I can solemly swear that good dick can and will make a girl go crazy.

All women are crazy, it just takes the right nigga to bring it out. I'm happy to say that I've never called a girl and cuss her out for any man or attempted to fight over a guy or even gone as far as to call them and pretend I was someone else. I usually take up my issues with the person I'm directly in contact with, the guy. However today, something was in the water. I broke my personal rule and I messaged the ex of the guy I'm dating. 😕

After cutting and pasting the message three times I closed my eyes and hit send. Immediately my stomach felt like I was going down that rollercoaster at six flags again. The anxiety kicked in and I instantly regretted it. How could i be so stupid? Im not one of those crazy girls, i thought. In a matter of seconds my horror was realized, a response. I didn't have a game plan as to what I wanted to ask, all I knew was that there were missing pieces to the puzzle and she could help me solve it. To my dismay, she was abrupt, bitchy and unhelpful. Girls hate other girls and it was obvious from her declining to facilitate my curiousity (about why they broke up and how they were in their relationship) that she was still bitter.

Got over that hurdle of approach and rejection of her telling me to go speak with him but now the real killer, I sit and wait in silence and anxiety for him to message me telling me that she told him I was noseying around. Either that or I'm going to be permanently blocked from his life.

Don't I know how to fuck things up? yay me!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014

Ever since i was 13 years old my yearly resolution has always been 

1. Dont get pregnant
2. Pass all my exams

For this new year 2015, i will delete #1.

I know a day doesn't make a difference to implement change but the next day will be a new year so it has to count for something. Right?

Its been real 2014, got my rude awakening and more, learnt some valuable lessons about people, friendships, family and love; I won't miss you one bit. There were many ups and some downs but the downs this year were really bad. Glass half empty.

And now as the date changes I hope there will be some new changes with me. I won't stand in my way anymore and as usual I'll always give 110% where due. In 2015 i hope to make some more money, travel more, have patience, formalize my business and maybe find love again.
I don't expect change over night but I have 365 days to make sure some things happen.